Company History

Intelli Group was established in 2002, as a wholly-owned Canadian company, headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Intelli Group is a vibrant, growing business committed to converting our client’s vision into a reality as offered within four divisions and service sectors.

Intelli Group objective is to deliver successful projects that ensure the integrity of every business opportunity.

Intelli Group has a proven history of working with over 100 different industry and business sectors nationally and internationally. With professional experience in business consultation, business development, real estate investment and technology, our strategic management team, construction team, project management team and marketing analytical team will create a comprehensive plan with achievable goals.


Vision is perhaps our greatest strength and in this new economy, vision, motivation and information will take us to the next level. Intelli Group is deservedly recognized as a diversified corporate business that respects ethics and tradition. Our professional team of advisory groups, management and employees has demonstrated exemplary conduct, instilling confidence in our clients within the Global business community. We are proud of our accomplishments and highly optimistic about our long-term economic future.


Intelli Group will continue to identify future trends and maximize potential opportunities by being pro-active and forward thinking.

Collaborating with key stakeholders will enable Intelli Group to be receptive to developing opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Intelli Group will be responsive to attracting new investment opportunities and will continue to find solutions to business challenges.