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Project Management

Intelli Group sees uncertainty as opportunity. We unlock hidden opportunities, maximize their potential, and bring lasting improvements to our clients’ businesses. With our intercontinental connections and inter-industry expertise, we help our clients to build great firms and develop great projects.

Our project management team is known for its technical competence, pragmatic approach, and ability to bring innovation to project solution. Our technological partnerships enable us to suitably match top experts to project needs and during that process we gain in-depth familiarity with a variety of industries and types of projects. We do more than value mutual trust and respect; we foster those core values in all facets of our business and workplace. Our team does more than achieve desired results for our clients; we strive to build a strong, rewarding, mutually beneficial, and long-term business relationship.

We understand that a critical element for project success is continuous and effective two-way communication with our clients from start to completion and beyond. To help our clients identify their short- and long-term goals and needs, we bring in our specialists for client consultation meetings at the earliest possible stage. This ensures problems are clearly defined and objectives clarified from the outset.

This allows for the planning and development of accurate proposals that align with the clients’ goals and take into consideration the capabilities and resources of the business within the context of the project management process.

Regularly written reports and meticulously-kept documentation detail the progress of the project, ensuring that the plan remains on schedule and within budget.

Our project management team helps clients:

  • determine their short- and long-term goals, and how to achieve them
  • identify and analyze the factors and constraints that affect the possible outcomes
  • clarify any regulations or special business circumstances that might apply to the company

Our assessment of a client’s business includes:

  • detailing their current technologies and business strengths
  • identifying any gaps in expertise in their industries
  • detecting available internal resources, both known and potential
  • clarifying the roles and responsibilities that involve the new projects

Over the years, working alongside multi-disciplinary specialists, our team has delivered quality project management services to many clients in a variety of industries. This has enabled us to closely follow current and emerging market trends and opportunities. In the past decade, in alignment with market demands, the bulk of our projects have been in the Real Estate Development and Technology fields.