Leading Provider of Creative Business Solutions

Intelli Group values the long-term benefits that come from the interactions of markets, customers and strong business relationships. Thanks to a solid networking foundation, and a work culture that places great value on trust, respect and mutual appreciation, we are able to deliver superior business development services to our clients. It’s a philosophy we encourage our clients to maintain as they pursue opportunities for growth.

Our efforts focus on transforming our clients’ abstract concepts into reality and bringing them maximized returns.

Critical for success is obtaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ ideas and concepts, and this is done via a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of a company and its proposed projects. After the completion of a feasibility analysis and marketing research — which support the viability, profitability and sustainability of a project — our experts will begin a series of analytical activities (including business module analysis, cost-benefit analysis, framework analysis, and operational development analysis).


Business Consulting

We help our clients to achieve long-lasting business improvement by providing consulting in a seamlessly integrated approach. We apply our expert knowledge with tools and methods to improve our clients’ business performance.

Intelli Group provides consulting in the following fields:

  • Technology
    We help clients from the energy and high-tech fields to solve their technological problems and improve their technical performance.
  • Business Structure
    Choosing an effective organizational structure is not an easy task. We help our clients to identify problems in their current structure and develop new ways of approaching their business needs.
  • Finance
    We work closely with our clients to develop a long-term beneficial financial plan that aligns with their strategic goals and organizational capabilities.
  • Marketing
    We help our clients to create cost-effective marketing strategies that deliver a consistent corporate message to their target audience.
  • Operations
    We diagnose troublesome operational issues and provide flexible tailor-made solutions, taking into account investment returns, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, management experience and logistics.
  • Risk
    We provide risk overview that is based on our cross-sector knowledge and provide risk management advice that can help our clients to better respond to a crisis situation.