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About Us

Intelli Group

The Intelli Group is a full service, business consulting and project management firm.

We are dedicated to helping our clients perfect their ideas, improve their business and bring their vision to life.

Our specialists provide industry expertise and superior support to local and overseas clients in the areas of business development, investment and project management.

In recent years, many of our projects and services and much of our client engagement have focused on real estate development and the high-tech sector.

Our clients come from more than 100 different industries and business fields, ranging from government agencies and transnational corporations to franchised coffee shops and local bakeries. Thanks to our expanding business relationships and ever-evolving problem-solving skills, we are able to provide unique and customized solutions to each client.

Intelli takes great pride in delivering all-around business consulting services, aimed at helping clients to clarify their vision and navigate past business challenges. We listen carefully to the unique concerns of our clients, explore outside-the-box alternatives, and provide comprehensive strategic advice and solutions. What makes Intelli Group unique is its commitment to innovation while remaining practical.

As professionals in project management and investment, our teams plan, manage and execute customized projects to meet the goals of our clients—while adhering to timelines, remaining within budget and maintaining the highest corporate standards of quality.

We tackle our clients’ complex business challenges with long-term, sustainable approaches: assisting them to meet project deadlines, generating accurate estimates of project management capabilities, and providing remedies to troubled projects that will help increase value and profitability.

In partnership with leading firms in various industries, Intelli Group offers practical strategic advice, efficient integrated management and advanced green technology solutions.

Our objective is to deliver successful projects and investments that ensure real financial benefits and tangible business value.