Leading Provider of Creative Business Solutions

Business Development

Through Intelli Group’s solid foundation, with a work culture that places great value on trust, respect and mutual appreciation, we are able to deliver superior business development services to our clients.

Our efforts focus on transforming our clients’ abstract concepts into reality and earning them maximized returns.


Intelli Group generates and attracts local and overseas investments, allowing our clients to pursue opportunities in the regional and transnational markets while also adhering to laws and regulatory requirements.

Our investment portfolio includes: property development; project investment; energy; and technology. Driven by our uncompromising pursuit of excellence and upholding the values of integrity, we are recognized for our expertise in the management and research of multi-national business investments.

Project Management

Intelli Group sees uncertainty as opportunity. We maximize potential and bring lasting improvements to our clients’ business. With our global connections and inter-industry expertise, we help build great firms and develop great projects.

Our project management team is known for its technical competence and pragmatic approach. We match top experts to project needs, while fostering core values in all facets of our business and workplace. Our team does more than achieve desired results for our clients; we build strong, mutually-beneficial and long-term business relationships.

Real Estate Development

Intelli Group’s Project Development Division is a fully-integrated platform that provides clients with a comprehensive package of services and solutions, transforming designs and planning on paper into real property.

Our services are multi-faceted, from planning to site selection, acquisition to design, to development and sales.

With years of real estate market experience, our professional team can strategically coordinate a wide variety of real estate services to meet market demands.

We excel at discovering undervalued properties and unused land in targeted real estate markets, both residential and commercial.

We work closely with our corporate partners in all phases of developing a property, optimizing profitability of each project.


Intelli Group guides a variety of businesses that apply new technologies.

We provide a unique set of work systems in managing, operating and constructing complex projects that are both large-scale and of varied specialization.

Our team of professionals offers multiple technical capabilities providing exceptional advantages to managing businesses in high-tech industries with high-quality services and solutions.

Many of our recent projects in technology-intensive industries are trans-national in nature. In addition, we also have established long-term partnerships with the oil and gas industry, mining, power generation, construction material manufacturing, fire suppression suppliers, CO2 collectors and liquefaction system manufacturers.