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Business Development

Intelli Group values the long-term benefits that come from the interactions of markets, customers and strong business relationships. Thanks to a solid networking foundation, and a work culture that places great value on trust, respect and mutual appreciation, we are able to deliver superior business development services to our clients. It’s a philosophy we encourage our clients to maintain as they pursue opportunities for growth.

Our efforts focus on transforming our clients’ abstract concepts into reality and bringing them maximized returns.

Critical for success is obtaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ ideas and concepts, and this is done via a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of a company and its proposed projects. After the completion of a feasibility analysis and marketing research — which support the viability, profitability and sustainability of a project — our experts will begin a series of analytical activities (including business module analysis, cost-benefit analysis, framework analysis, and operational development analysis).


Intelli Group generates and attracts local and overseas investment, and guides clients to make wise decisions in their regional and transnational markets as well as to pursue opportunities in other high-growth and emerging businesses.

As a responsible investor, we always seek strict compliance with laws and regulatory requirements.

We have developed an investment portfolio which spans across sectors of property development, project investment, energy and technology, and more. Driven by our uncompromising pursuit of excellence and upholding the values of integrity and respect, we have developed an expertise in the management and research of multi-national business investments.

Our investment team leverages our international experience, global network and local support to help potential businesses realize their global aspirations while providing our international partners, investors and clients with the means to capitalize on emerging opportunities around the world.

Project Management

Intelli Group sees uncertainty as opportunity. We unlock hidden opportunities, maximize their potential, and bring lasting improvements to our clients’ businesses. With our intercontinental connections and inter-industry expertise, we help our clients to build great firms and develop great projects.

Our project management team is known for its technical competence, pragmatic approach, and ability to bring innovation to project solution. Our technological partnerships enable us to suitably match top experts to project needs and during that process we gain in-depth familiarity with a variety of industries and types of projects. We do more than value mutual trust and respect; we foster those core values in all facets of our business and workplace. Our team does more than achieve desired results for our clients; we strive to build a strong, rewarding, mutually beneficial, and long-term business relationship.

We understand that a critical element for project success is continuous and effective two-way communication with our clients from start to completion and beyond. To help our clients identify their short- and long-term goals and needs, we bring in our specialists for client consultation meetings at the earliest possible stage. This ensures problems are clearly defined and objectives clarified from the outset.

Real Estate Development

Intelli Group’s project development division is a fully-integrated real estate platform structured to provide clients a comprehensive package of services and solutions, transforming designs and planning on paper into real property.

Our services are multi-faceted, covering the planning, site selection, and acquisition of unused land, selling of developed land, design and construction, renovation and cost-effective disposition and operation.

With years of real estate market experience, our property professionals can strategically coordinate a wide variety of real estate services to meet market demands.

We excel at discovering undervalued properties and unused land in targeted real estate markets as well as offering real estate strategies that can span the risk/return spectrum in both residential and commercial markets.

We work closely with our corporate partners in all phases of developing a property to optimize the goal, strategy and profitability of each property project.


Guiding businesses in a variety of industries that utilize new technologies has positioned Intelli Group to provide a unique set of work systems in managing, operating and constructing complex projects that are both large-scale and of varied specialization.

Our global pool of skilled professionals with multiple technical capabilities and knowledge is available to serve our clients. They provide Intelli Group exceptional advantages to managing businesses in high-tech industries with high-quality services and solutions.

Many of our recent projects in technology-intensive industries are trans-national in nature. In addition to our long-term partnerships with the oil and gas industry, mining industry, power generation industry, construction materials manufacturers, fire suppression system suppliers and CO2 collection and liquefaction systems manufacturers.